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what is voxicard?

Voxicard is a modern twist on the classic postcard. 

We believe people still crave the tangible feeling of a postcard. Something real. Something to hold in their hands, hang on the fridge, and treasure for years to come.  

We also realize that not everyone has the time to go out and find a card that truly represents their experience. 

Voxicard introduces a whole new way to share the moments that matter most. We've taken the timeless look and feel of a printed postcard and added a wonderful, dare-we-say "magical" twist. Using the latest in scannable code technology, we've given our users the ability to embed a personal audio or video message into their Voxicard. So take a panoramic video, sing happy birthday, make a special announcement and give your recipient the joy of opening a Voxicard! 

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart”
— Phyllis Theroux

How It works

Making and receiving Voxicards is super simple. In just a few steps you'll create a beautiful, custom postcard and with the click of a button, your recipients will be watching with wonder as your Voxicard comes to life!



Don't waste time and energy searching for the perfect postcard. Make your own! Just select one of your favorite pics right from your phone and let us take care of the rest. After choosing a cover photo, you'll be ready to add the magic!


An original postcard with a secret message! Utilizing our custom QR code interface, each of your recipients will be able to scan the front of their Voxicard to reveal an audio or video message that you've embedded. So sing a song! Make a video! Have a dance-off! And just like that, you've delivered MAGIC.



Once you've designed your Voxicard, just fill in the address where you'd like the physical card to be sent to and our team will get to work printing and mailing your card. When your loved one opens their mailbox, sees the Voxicard and unlocks your secret message, we're confident that it just might be the finest postal experience they've ever had!


Help us Improve

Let us know what you think about your experience with Voxicard. We'd love to hear about ways we can improve, make things easier or just plain cooler than they are right now! Our goal is to provide you with a simple but magical way to share your life's adventures with your family and friends, so please...



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